A Flexible Workplace for Better Service

Providing the best quality service goes beyond managing logistics. It requires building strong relationships, and at Northstar, we’ve found flexibility is a key ingredient when building these relationships (both internally and externally). That is why we are thrilled to be named one of the “50 Best Workplaces for Flexibility” by Fortune.

If you work for a company outside the waste and recycling industry, waste is probably an afterthought (if a thought at all). Your daily routines require you to focus on building x product or providing y service, not on optimizing your waste and recycling program. However, no matter where you work, you probably do pay attention to the people and personal interactions you have throughout your day. At Northstar, we want all our clients to experience the best possible interactions with our team of employees. This is why we place such an emphasis on building a strong company culture. We know that it is the people who make a company, and people work best when they can work in a flexible and supportive environment. By providing flexible scheduling and remote work options that help our employees balance work and life requirements, we are attempting to build the kind of work environment that provides better service internally so as to offer the best quality service externally.

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