Exploring New Recycling Solutions

At Northstar, we’re always excited to explore new recycling solutions. Here are some of the latest breakthroughs we’ve read about in the news:

100% Recycled Textiles – It used to be that textile recycling was synonymous with “downcycling” and “upcycling” – turning used textiles into rags, rags into quilts, or scraps into things like fancy stationery. However, Levi Strauss & Co. is changing the recycling textile industry with their new fabric recycling technology. Click here to check out this article about Levi’s method for manufacturing jeans from 100% recycled cotton.

Bioplastic from Recycled Organic Waste – This week, Sicilian startup, Kanèsis, launched a campaign with Indeigogo to fund their new hemp-based bioplastic, HempBioPlastic (HBP®). Click here to learn about this innovation that would turn hemp waste into plastic.

Foam from Recaptured C02Ford Motor Company has unveiled new recycling solutions that would turn recaptured C02 into foam and plastic that could be used within automobiles. Click here to learn more.

We hope you enjoy learning about these latest innovative recycling solutions as much as we have. To learn how Northstar can customize recycling solutions to treat your company’s byproducts as strategic business opportunities, contact us today.