FSMA and Animal Feed

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues implementing its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), we wanted to take a moment to highlight one key point: FSMA regulations do not mean an end to animal feed as a viable recycling solution for food waste.

We recently came across a great article, by Willy Blackmore, that speaks specifically to the relationship between FSMA and animal feed. In his article, “Should Livestock Eat Garbage Instead of Grain,” Blackmore does a nice job of concisely reviewing the issue. Some key points Blackmore makes are as follows:

  • Today we have a better understanding of what elements in food waste and animal feed might spread harmful diseases, and we can plan accordingly to avoid the chance of spreading harmful pathogens.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pro animal feed, listing it third in its hierarchy of ways to limit waste.
  • Beyond issues of land and resource use and environmental sustainability, there are economic benefits to using animal feed as a disposal outlet for industrial food waste.

Be sure to read the rest of Blackmore’s article to learn more, and stay tuned to our Trash Talk Blog to follow the latest regulations and how they might affect your company’s recycling initiatives.

***Feature Image Credit/Copyright Attribution: “JMxImages/Shutterstock”