Innovative Ocean Litter Removal

Last Wednesday, I read a great article by the Huffington Post  which talked about a new 62-mile wall to capture and remove trash from the Pacific Ocean.

Funded by The Ocean Cleanup organization, the wall is set to occupy ocean water between Hawaii and California starting in 2020. Once in place, the idea is that natural ocean currents will pile ocean litter into the v-shaped structure, where it can be collected and removed from the water. While it’s important for us to continue developing better waste disposal and recycling practices to prevent this kind of pollution from destroying future ocean habitats, I believe it’s equally important for us to support efforts like this to undo what ecological damage we’ve caused.

To read more, here’s a link to the original Huffington Post article. I hope you find this project as interesting and inspirational as I did.

– Seth Goodman (CEO, Northstar Recycling)