Recycling Benefits

What would happen if everyone recycled?” – We loved this article, posted by USA Today, because it takes a moment to acknowledge not only environmental but also economic benefits that can come from recycling. Here are few recycling benefits highlighted in this piece:

  • By making recycling the norm, society would move from a linear, “take, make, waste,” economy to a circular one that keeps valuable resources out of landfills (Brenda Pulley, senior vice president of recycling with Keep America Beautiful).
  • “Efficient recycling practices could save companies millions.” For instance, Apple recently estimated that it recovered about $40 million of gold from recycling devices.
  • “If the U.S. alone reached a recycling level of 75%, 1.5 million new jobs would become available” (Chaz Miller, director of policy/advocacy with National Waste and Recycling Association).
  • The recycling industry is predicted to add “850 billion USD to the global GDP by 2025” (Ranjit Baxi, president of The Bureau of International Recycling, BIR).

As this article shows, recycling can be a key economic driver for companies as well as national and global economies. Click here to read the full article for more examples of recycling benefits, or contact us today for information on how Northstar Recycling helps clients meet economic and environmental goals through their recycling programs.

***Feature Image Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Monthira/Shutterstock”