Recycling Paper into New “Super Material”

What if your company’s waste paper could be recycled into a super material that cleaned oil spills, stopped gunshot wounds, insulated skyscrapers, and even replaced common plastic packaging? Thanks to research done by engineers at the National University of Singapore (NUS), this soon could be a viable paper recycling option.

On February 3, Science Daily published a fascinating article about NUS’s success converting paper waste into the world’s first cellulose based aerogel. For those of you unfamiliar with this material, aerogels are a type of super material that is extremely strong, flexible, water repellent, thin, and lightweight. Currently, aerogels are primarily made from silica. However, scientists speculate that cellulose aerogels would be significantly more environmentally-friendly and serve a plethora of useful functions.

To learn more about this exciting research, check out Science Daily’s full article, “Researchers Turn Paper Waste into Ultralight Super Material that Improves Oil Spill Cleaning, Heat Insulation.”

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