Northstar offers a variety of reclamation options for wood waste, including reuse, recycling, and other landfill alternative solutions. Factors that we consider when recommending the best disposal option for you include the following:

  • What size are the pieces of wood waste (chips, slabs, logs, etc.)?
  • Is the wood reusable (ex. pallets)?
  • Is the wood treated with creosote?
  • Are there any nails or metal fixings?
  • Are there any bindings or glues?
  • Is the wood painted?
  • Is the wood coated with Polyurethane or any other finishes?
  • Are there any plastics, glass, grit, or other contaminates mixed with this waste stream?

Our recycling experts will work with you to identify the best method for collecting and recycling your wood waste. Contact us today to learn more.