Silver Lining for Recycling Markets

Yes recycling markets are low. Unfortunately, this is old news. Every other day you see articles describing how low oil prices are hurting the recycling industry. But this does not mean recycling itself is a doomed waste management solution.

This week, MassLive published an article by Jim Kinney on the current state of recycling markets, featuring our very own CEO, Seth Goodman. What we found most refreshing about Kinney’s article was the positive outlook he took on recycling, despite the current state of recycling markets. Here are two things we’d like to reiterate from Kinney’s piece:

  1. Despite current low market rates, recycling continues to prove a more cost effective waste management solution than landfill for many businesses and municipalities. At Northstar, it’s our job to turn manufacturing byproducts into strategic business opportunities, and our very business model attests to the fact that waste has value when recycled. Therefore, it’s no wonder that recycling remains the smart waste solution for many organizations.
  2. The price of commodities won’t always be down. As fifth-generation recyclers, the Goodman family has watched recycling markets fluctuate since the 1890s, and the one thing that has remained constant is the fact that recycling markets are cyclical.

Another exciting point Kinney made in his article was the fact that some organizations, like the state of Massachusetts, are fighting to help build recycling markets. As Kinney mentioned, Massachusetts has launched a new grant program which could mean up to $400,000 in funding for recyclers and manufacturers focused on building markets for recycled scrap.

So don’t let dropping oil prices get you down about recycling. An industry represented by the chasing arrows symbol is bound to bounce back. To learn more about Northstar’s recycling solutions, contact us today.