Teresa Chamberlain

“We live in a world of finite resources and space, and I am thrilled to be working with a company that offers infinite solutions to this growing problem.”

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Teresa brought her passion for the environment and eagerness to learn to Northstar right out of college. She is known as a trustworthy and driven individual who aims to exceed expectations. Her high energy and outgoing spirit made her a natural leader at school where she developed her strong listening and problem solving abilities working with a number of on-campus groups.

EDUCATION: B.S. Integrated Degree in Engineering and Social Sciences, Environmental Engineering/ Environmental Studies, Lehigh University

TERESA AFTER WORK: Born and raised in Ohio, Teresa enjoys spending holidays and vacations with her parents, four siblings, and large extended family. She splits her free time reading books, exploring the outdoors and drinking IPAs with friends. Most evenings she looks forward to cooking dinner and watching the Food Network.