Tom IL Grande

“Humans are the only organisms that produce an output that is not in turn used as an input for another system. I am proud to be working for a company that is changing that.”

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Despite growing up in a suburb of NYC, Tom’s passion for the environment first formed as a young boy caring for his family’s vegetable garden. Tom chose to focus his college education on sustainability and the environment. Prior to joining Northstar Recycling, Tom worked at the Paleontological Research Institution during his college years. At Cornell, Tom served as captain of his club soccer team and is excited to bring his leadership skills, friendly demeanor, and passion for the environment to his clients at Northstar Recycling.

EDUCATION: B.S. Development Sociology, Dual Minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Climate Change, Cornell University

TOM AFTER WORK: Tom enjoys spending time with his large Italian family in New Jersey, gardening, playing soccer, and working out.