Jenniffer Outlaw


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Jenniffer joined the Northstar team with over 14 years of recycling experience. She currently works with clients to analyze their waste streams and helps to find solutions to divert those streams from the landfill. She graduated from Coker University with a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. After working most of her recycling career in Equipment Procurement, Vendor Management and Contract Management she pivoted over to becoming an Account Coordinator analyzing waste streams for clients and finding solutions. After a recent acquisition, Jenniffer is now a Senior Client Development Executive with Northstar Recycling where she will continue to grow with the company. Jenniffer is an “out of the box’ thinker who loves a challenge and is dedicated to meeting and exceeding her goals both professionally and personally.

EDUCATION: B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in Management, Coker University

JENNIFFER AFTER WORK: Jenniffer values spending time with her husband, Mitch, and their blended family of 4 children, Ryan (Jennifer), Tiffany, Gunnar and Johnny (Mitch). They currently have two grandchildren and one on the way. Jenniffer is an avid tennis player in her local USTA tennis league. Since she started playing tennis in late 2019 she has already gone to the State Championships 4 times. When she isn’t playing tennis, she loves to cook and bake for others. Jenniffer loves to give back, one way she does this is through her baking. She loves to recreate old family recipes. The joy it brings to others is magical to her especially when she can help bring back great memories. One of Jenniffer’s bucket list items is to travel to Italy with her son, who loves to travel the world, and her husband.