Bill Peterson

Northstar Recycling Employee - Bill Peterson

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” –Buddha

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Bill joined Northstar’s team after 8 years in sales, insurance, and advertising. He has a strong passion for educating and helping people and has learned that, oftentimes, people want to tell a customer what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, and why they are going to do it. However, Bill has learned that you need to start with “why”. By understanding the “why”, you can determine “how” you are going to get it done and “what” you are going to do to get it done. By starting with “why,” the customer doesn’t question the “what” or the “how”, because they know you care about their “why”.

EDUCATION: A.A.S. Small Business Management – HCCC; B.A. Organizational Management – Keuka College

BILL AFTER WORK: Bill loves to enjoy time with his wife (Alicia), son (Gavin), daughter (Genevieve), and their family. He also enjoys camping, biking, basketball, football, exercise, BBQ, and gardening. Bill has a strong passion for creating things, and making old things new. He has made his own bread, bagels, yogurt, cereal, protein bars, soaps, various meals, and even totally gutted and re-did his house (from the studs in).