Clara Son

“Let your curiosity run away with you.  Know that beyond every ordinary explanation there is a deeper and more exciting discovery to be made” – Julie Andrews Edwards, The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles”

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Clara brings diverse professional experience to her role at Northstar.  From her time in the agricultural sector, consumer packaged goods industry, and the non-profit food recovery world, she has touched all parts of the food industry supply chain in her work.  Clara leverages this experience to provide unique strategies for the Commodity Sales Organics team and to provide excellent service to Northstar’s clients and outlet partners.  She sees great value in working with socially responsible organizations that have the best interests of people and the environment at their forefront, and is proud to be part of the Northstar team.

EDUCATION: B.A. Communication, Medical Humanities Minor, Concentration in Environmental Sociology, Boston College

CLARA AFTER WORK: Outside of work, Clara loves playing and watching soccer, cooking, and discovering cheap restaurants with amazing food.  Clara is passionate about urban agriculture, composting, and house plants, and is usually at her best in the garden.