Trailer Loading 101

Think of loading recyclables into a trailer like playing a game of Tetris – everything should be snug. For safety reasons, you don’t want heavy bales or Gaylords shifting during transit. This also offers an effective way to optimize trailer space and minimize transportation costs.  Here’s a simple guide we like to suggest using when loading your recycling trailers:

Trailer Loading Guide - Northstar Recycling

Bales Only:

  • Always keep the heaviest bales on the bottom level.
  • Try to keep your horizontal bales stacked 3 high.
  • Place a vertical bale next to every stack of 3 horizontal bales, alternating which side of the trailer you place the vertical bale with every layer.


Gaylords Only:

  • When you’re loading a trailer full of Gaylord boxes, the most important rule is to always stack the heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  • If possible, try to fit four Gaylords per layer. This will help secure the boxes and reduce the likelihood of stacks tipping during transport.
  • Always make sure each Gaylord has its own pallet – even when stacked. This will insure the Gaylords can be removed easily from the trailer.


Bales and Gaylords:

When you load bales and Gaylords together into a trailer, try to keep each layer segregated, and follow the same loading method described above for each. This means stacking 3 horizontal bales with a vertical bale as one layer then adding a layer with 4 Gaylords (2 per stack), and so on. However, if you do not have enough bales/Gaylords to load them in segregated layers, you can also place a Gaylord on top of a stack of 2 horizontal bales with a vertical bale on the side to secure the layer.

Hopefully this helps you the next time you load your recycling trailers. As always,  please feel free to contact us any time with your waste and recycling questions.