Welcoming New Hires

Last week brought a flurry of activity to our East Longmeadow office as we welcomed our 4 newest employees and gathered for our 3rd quarter all-staff meeting.

It’s exciting realizing how quickly we’re growing. Since last year, we’ve increased our team by over 30%, including 9 new employees just since last quarter. Noah and I are thrilled to see how far our company has come in the past few years and I think this rapid growth affirms how valuable Northstar’s services are for the manufacturing and distribution industry.

What’s also exciting for me is seeing how interested the newest generation of college graduates seems to be in our mission of helping businesses recycle more and landfill less. We’ve had a lot of success recruiting at the university level, and our 4 newest employees have joined the team almost straight out of school.

  • Abigail Lowry, the newest member of our Sales team, joined us after graduating from the University of Connecticut and working for a year in sales at Brown & Brown Insurance.
  • Jeffrey Baum and Sara Allan make up the newest members of our Client Development team, with the former joining us straight out of Brown University and the later having recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Finally, Michelangelo X Ball Van Zee makes the fourth addition to our team this week. As the newest member of our Commodity Sales division, Michelangelo is another recent college graduate who joined us from Princeton University.

Looking towards the future, I see Northstar continuing our current growth trajectory, and I can’t wait to see what powerful impact this next generation of employees will have on increasing recycling rates and reducing manufacturing and distribution waste to landfill.

– Seth Goodman (CEO, Northstar Recycling)