Scott Kinney

“How do you go from where you are to where you wanna be? And I think you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it.” – Jimmy V

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: With over 25 years of experience working as a teacher, coach, and summer program administrator at Dexter Southfield (a prep school in Brookline, MA) Scott is a beloved mentor and inspirational leader. Applying his impressive background, Scott enhances our team as the Director of Employee Experience, in addition to heading many of the human resource elements of the company.

EDUCATION: B.S. in Education, Penn State University; MEd in Educational Research, Measurement, & Evaluation, Boston College

SCOTT AFTER WORK: Scott spends time after work with his family. A former college athlete and high school basketball coach, he is a big fan of Boston sports teams. He enjoys attending games, going for long walks in the neighborhood, and spending time at the gym a few times each week.