Northstar offers total waste solutions that help clients reduce costs and improve the efficiency of managing their refuse streams. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your company’s waste management program.

Refuse Hauling & Logistics
Refuse Hauling and Logistics

Refuse Hauling & Logistics

In addition to recycling, Northstar provides comprehensive waste hauling and logistics services that include the following:

  • New ongoing program coordination and setup
  • Cleanouts and other temporary services
  • Centralized management of all waste vendors across all facility locations
  • Centralized billing and reporting
  • Right-sized service and need-based hauling
  • Container monitoring
  • State-of-the-art equipment

We make it our priority to help client’s manage their refuse as cost effectively as possible, while receiving the highest quality service. Because of this, our team constantly works with client facilities to identify opportunities for program improvement. To learn more about our refuse management services, contact us today.

Billing & Reporting
Waste and Recycling Billing and Reporting

Billing & Reporting

Northstar offers consolidated billing and reporting for all program services across all facility locations. We work with every vendor to ensure accurate weights and prices are recorded, and we coordinate with clients to provide any custom reporting needs they may require. This includes offering Microsoft Excel and print friendly formats.

All Northstar clients all have access to a secure, online reporting portal, where they can view information like the following:

  • Bills and invoices
  • Shipping histories and weights
  • Environmental impact summaries
  • And more …

Contact us today to learn more.

Waste to Energy
Waste to Energy Facility

Waste to Energy

Northstar offers access to a wide variety of Waste to Energy solutions, including traditional incineration, biofuel processes, anaerobic digestion, and more. We work with clients to identify what solution(s) will best fit their unique program needs, and will sometimes suggest incorporating one or more of these processes into a larger Zero Waste to Landfill program.

Northstar has built strong relationships with many major Waste to Energy service providers and smaller operators across the United States. These relationships, combined with our extensive knowledge of the industry, enable us to provide clients with greater, less expensive access to Waste to Energy facilities. Contact us today to learn more.